AMBER DUAL™ is committed to becoming a trendsetter, not only in terms of automobile design, but also by delivering a dynamic, stylish and tasteful lifestyle.

AMBER DUAL™ aims to offer vehicles equipped with user-friendly features that meet the standards of the international automotive market and fulfill customer expectations globally.

Under the motto “Faster, Leaner, Smarter,” AMBER DUAL™ will use the powerful combination of its innovative spirit and its strong research and development capabilities in order to achieve the top position in technology advancement, out-of-the-box business development and global resources integration.

Chinese manufacturer Beijing Auto International Corporation (BAIC) has signed a joint venture agreement with partner Amber Dual Sdn Bhd at its Beijing plant and production will take place at a manufacturing plant in Gurun, Kedah.

Now facilitated by a joint venture between Beijing Automobile International Corporation and Malaysia's Amber Dual Sdn Bhd, the two companies have agreed to build an electric car in a new assembly plant in the city of Gurun said to cost between RM200-300M ($51-84US million).

The first car to be produced is already in production by BAIC, we have spent RM50 million ($14USD million) converting the cars left-hand drive to right-hand that is used here in Malaysia. Production at the new facility, targeted the first year for 2000-3000 units annually.



AMBER DUAL™ it is mainly engaged in the business of import and export, technology import and export, agent for import and export and sales of automobile and mechanical and electrical products in domestic market.

We also produce electric cars for commercial use. An electric car is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device. Electric motors give electric cars instant torque, creating strong and smooth acceleration. They are also around three times as efficient as cars with an Internal combustion engine.

Beijing Auto International Cooperation (BAIC), which is among the world’s leading electric vehicle producers, wants to make Malaysia as the hub for its electric cars for the Southeast Asian market. Towards this end, BAIC has signed a cooperation agreement with its Malaysian joint venture partner, Amber Dual Sdn Bhd.

With BAIC’s cooperation, AMBER DUAL™ could penetrate the Southeast Asian market which has a population of 550 million people.

The project has begun with research and development in Gurun on changing from left-hand drive to right-hand drive, at the cost of about RM50 million. The prototype electric vehicle developed in Gurun is expected to be ready in December, with the first production expected in July 2016. The Gurun plant, being built at the cost of between RM200 million and RM300 million, will also serve as a marketing centre for Malaysia and South East Asia.

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